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Is your Project Management Office (PMO) effectively implementing your business strategy? No matter your project management needs, we are here to provide expert assistance and fast-moving solutions.
AxysPoint Consulting offers expert project recovery services to address troubled projects. Our experienced team follows a comprehensive approach to identify and resolve issues that may hinder success. We employ proven strategies and leverage our expertise to help organizations overcome challenges and reach desired outcomes.
AxysPoint Consulting’s Organizational Change Management experts are Prosci-Certified and specialize in business process improvement, project management, and red project recovery.
At AxysPoint Consulting, we specialize in partnering with businesses like yours, offering comprehensive support from planning during due diligence to seamless integration. Our goal is to help you execute your strategy, mitigate risks, and drive a strong return on investment.
As a Fortune 500 healthcare client, we cannot speak highly enough about AxysPoint Consulting’s remarkable work rescuing our multimillion-dollar IT implementation failure. Sharon’s strategic and professional insight, coupled with her ability to identify gaps and take corrective action swiftly, proved instrumental in transitioning our 95% red status program, comprising multiple IT projects across various states and sites, to an impressive 99% green status in just nine months.

Empowered by an audacious spirit, collaborative expertise, and a strong cultural foundation, we excel in cutting through the noise to address and resolve clients’ most pressing challenges. Our precise, on-time solutions are delivered within budget and to successful completion.

Sharon Kreitinger

Founder and CEO

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